Welcome to Dr. Xiao Acupuncture and Herb Clinic

I am so happy to have this great doctor and wonderful man in our life; I was his patient with terrible addictions, now I am cured, leading a healthy life with my kids and wife. We become the best friend; I take every opportunity to introduce him to anyone needs sensitive, expert care. .. - Erez from Telaviv

Thanks to Dr. Xiao, my 40 years steroid depend asthma is much better controlled, now I lost a lot of weight, traveling all over, enjoy my life again with better air. - Hania, Haifa

Dr. Xiao saved my life from much steroid used for ITP, with the magic small silver needles and Chinese herbs! - Antalia from Natania

He is the gentlest acupuncturist I've ever experienced, a great empathetic and very capable physician, my 15 years insomnia totally gone. - Orna from Ramatviv

I am very thankful, my whole body psoriasis gone! - Prof. Benshaham Telaviv Uni.

Dr. Xiao helped me have a wonderful baby at my 44, with herbs and needles! - Dafna Israel

He is not only great doctor, but also a great people! I was first his patient with annoy bronchitis, after cured, became his student, now I am a Chinese Medicine doctor in hospital and teacher in University! - Nadav from Raanana

Whenever my son sick, he got it done in one visit! - Wang Hua from Chengdu, China

I like the fact that I am learning sooo much.because of Dr Xiao's diverse experiences.

Dr. Xiao. Awesome instructor! He is great knowledgeable, passionate! - Students Calgary Feb.2010

An elite physician, talent professor! - Chang Ke, Manager, Chengdu University hospital China

He is the No.1 acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist in Israel! An amazing doctor I'd like to recommend to everyone who needs! - Nadav.k Rannana Israel, colleague

A magician doctor, great doctor! With the unbelievable knowledge, passion and caring! All my family has the wonderful and very pleasant experience with his treatment. - Dorit Telaviv

Very knowledgeable, insightful and respectable professor, doctor, and great people! - Ofer. A, General manager, Med-cin College and Burshim college, Telaviv University

Children diseases

My daughter was a low weight premature baby, catch colds almost every two weeks when she was 1 year old, often got bronchitis, pneumonia even once mycardilitis, thanks to Dr.Xaio, gave her herbal tincture contains ginseng, chicken stomach membrane and human being placenta powder, she got much stronger in three month, and catch up with other healthy kids in a year, now she is a university student, healthy and happy, I have no words for it, it just like a miracle! - Gaoyi Zhang Chengdu China

My daughter Lian used to be very sick, a few times were almost operated for her huge tonsils, otitis media, Dr. Xiao's herbal formula was of great helpful, she is so healthy and beautiful middle school girl now, most recently she got H1N1 flu, with Dr. Xiao's herbs, all high fever, bad cough gone in two days! All people here love him and miss him! - Assi B.P Brugershav st. Telaviv

Infertility and pregnancy

Dr. Xiao helped me have a wonderful baby at my 44, with only herbs and needles, for three months, that is a gift! - Dafna Telaviv Israel

I had tried a few times IVF without success; finally Dr. Xiao helped me, with a half year acupuncture and Chinese traditional herbal formula for being pregnancy, now we are considering the second child! - Tzpora Telaviv

I worked with Dr. Xiao for about a year to assist me in my recovery from a series of first-semester miscarriages. Dr. Xiao treated me with herbs and acupuncture to complement the Western medical treatment I was receiving, and I am now 8 months pregnant. I have found Dr. Xiao to be an empathetic and very capable physician, very knowledgeable in both Chinese and Western medicine. I am very grateful! - Rona Modiin Israel


I was very afraid when I reached my menopause, since I had a breast cancer, Dr. Xiao stopped my hormone, and the needle and herbal treatment started to work in less than 4 weeks, whole treatment cause was only a year, I am perfect mentally, physically ever since then, and harmony comes back around me, I sleep greatly again! - Riki from Ramatviv Israel

Asthma and Allergy

With Dr. Xiao's amazing needling and herbs, my 12 years old son first time has been 3 months no asthma, reflux which badly tortured him more than 6 years, now he has no problem swallowing, drinking, and sleeps perfectly! - Ian's father Calgary Alberta

My whole family were in panic when doctor told us that our 1 year old son may like me and his grandma, suffer from severe asthma, since he had often wheezing, coughing terribly at night and a annoy eczema all over, the worse thing was he could not use asthma inhaler even with chamber, Dr. Xiao helped us avid that nightmare with his wonderful herbal tincture and cream, it works not long after starting and lasts, my son now is almost 3, no asthma, no eczema, quite healthy! - Telel's father Petatikva Israel

Thanks to Dr. Xiao, my 40 years steroid depend asthma is much better controlled, now I lost a lot of weight, traveling all over, enjoy my life again with better air - Hania, Haifa

Insomnia has annoyed me years, herbs and acupuncture helps a lot, I am able to sleep 7-8 hours now, without any sleeping pill, every morning after sleep, I really feel rested, refreshed, I am like a new!! - Mrs.Zhang Calgary

Depression: Dr. Xiao saved me from my stubborn depression! - Michael Psychologist Telaviv

Cancer: Combined Dr. Xiao's needling and Chinese Herbs with Chemo-therapy, I succeed in coping with my leukemia, right now, it is 10 years already! - Tova Telaviv

Migraine: As a swimming coach, strong sun light always bring me severe migraine, Dr. Xiao usually get ride off it with needles within merely 10-15minutes! - Yael Haifa

Stopping smoking: I used to smoke 2-3 boxes a day, even dreamed to stop, but I could not after tried all kinds' patches, gums...Dr. Xiao helped me with acupuncture and herbs, I didn't suffer much, no tiredness, no nervousness, no binge eating, no gaining weight, finally I succeed, now already 3 years after, my new hobby are horse riding and Tai Ji. People work with me couldn't believe it, they got the same successes after went to Dr. Xiao! - Yuda Telaviv Israel